Charity of the Month

Each year, the congregation at St. Andrew’s nominates charities, both local and national, who they‘d like to support over the coming twelve months, over and above their weekly giving to the Church.  The congregation then votes and the top ten charities (plus the annual Bishop of London’s Lent Appeal and CofE Schools in the Diocese) are each allocated a month and details of the charity are posted in church and donations placed in the collection box.

Charity of the Month: In November we are supporting Grief Encounter: supporting bereaved children and young people.  A child in every UK classroom will experience the death of someone close by the time they reach 16 years old. Grief Encounter is here to help with the confusion, fear, loneliness and pain, providing a lifeline to children and young people to cope with free, immediate, one-to-one support.

Amounts raised:

Oct        Missing People      £267.59
Oct        Macmillan Coffee morning  £606.46
Sept      British Heart Foundation     £270.53
August  Centrepoint          £340.88
July       no collection
June     Children in Need    £152.91
May      DEC India Appeal  £348.90 (+£151.10 from PCC funds making total of £500.00)
Apr       Church Schools     £189.39
Mar      Lent Appel              £281.00
Feb      Lent Appel              
Jan      Guide Dogs            £135.00

Dec     Breast Cancer        £185.40
Nov     Brain Tumour          £123.90
Oct      Diabetes UK           £152.50
Sept    Stroke Association  £232.05
Aug     Christian Aid           £197.00
July     St Luke's Hospice   £169.70
June   Church closed
May    Church closed
Apr     Church closed
Mar     Dioc. Lent Appel    £114.82 (the PCC added £135.18 to make £250.00)
Feb     St Luke's Hospice  £172.42
Jan      Church School       £223.24

Dec       Action on Hearing Loss £168.10
Nov      Help for Heroes           £304.97
Oct       Shelter                         £159.99
Sept     Water Aid                     £216.15
Aug      National Brain Appeal  £183.02
July      Parkinsons UK             £237.16
June     Bowel Cancer UK        £231.64
May      Christian Aid                £173.76
Apr       St Luke's Hospice        £157.83
Mar       Lent Appeal                 £263.01 plus same donated from PCC funds
Feb       Heads Together           £190.27
Jan       Church Schools           £181.18


Dec      The Salvation Army  £222.05
Nov      Sickle Cell Society    £302.64
Oct       Guide Dogs              £108.07
Sept      Doctors of the World £233.48
Aug       Stephen Lawrence   £195.73
July       Kids in Crisis            £169.32 
June     Prostate Cancer        £255.82 
May       Christian Aid             £219.40
April       Diocese Appeal        £289.86
Mar        Centerpoint              £166.17
Feb        St. Luke's Hospice   £184.25
Jan         C of E Schools        £131.79  


Dec        Brain Tumour           £208.13
Nov        British Red Cross     £136.21
Oct         Farm Africa              £209.12  
Sept       WaterAid                  £166.90  
Aug        Sightsavers              £183.03  
July        Age UK                    £183.17  
June       Stroke Assoc           £188.97  
May        Christian Aid            £222.65  
April       Lupus UK                 £222.79  
March    Lent Appeal              £468.67  
Feb        Brent Mind                £177.29  
Jan        C of E Schools          £227.27


Dec       St Luke's Hospice               £177.46 
Nov       Help for Heros                     £164.10  
Oct        British Heart Foundation     £276.16  
Sept      Cancer Research UK          £228.05  
Aug       Sickle Cell Society               £218.36 
July       Alzheimer’s Society             £265.23  
June      Guide Dogs                         £100.43  
May       Christian Aid                        £151.70  
April      Church Schools                    £102.87  
Feb/Mar Diocesan Lent Appeal         £179.20  
Jan        Medecins Sans Frontieres  £181.32


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