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  Parish Priest - Fr Jason Rendell  


Fr Jason Rendell  

Father Jason became Parish Priest of St. Andrew's on the 4th September 2014.  Prior to that he served as Chaplain to the Bishop of Chichester, following on from six years as a Minor Canon at St Paul's Cathedral.  Before that he served as PA & Chaplain to the Bishop of Stepney.  Father Jason was an Anglican Franciscan Friar for 13 years, during which time he served in parishes in London and Liverpool.  He hails from South Wales, though has now lived over half his life in England - this only causes complications when Wales are playing England at Rugby!  He likes nothing more than a good sing, fine food and good drink with enjoyable company - as well, of course, as being a parish priest, particularly in Kingsbury!

Churchwarden - Gloria Williams Churchwarden - vacant

The vibrant community of worshippers at St. Andrew’s Kingsbury first elected me as Churchwarden in 2011 and each subsequant year since. Together we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our church remains relevant to this generation and the community it serves. We are committed to ensuring that the beautiful building in which we worship remains as imposing and as impressive as ever for future generations to come.


Collectively, together with Fr Jason, we will continue to endeavour that St. Andrew’s remains at the heart of the community it serves.


The Parish congregation on Pentecost Sunday 2017

Elected members of the Parochial Church Council:

The Parish Priest& the Churchwardens*

Lawrence Abosi
Patience Boateng
Estelle Gossage
Mark Lloyd-Williams

(Electoral Roll Officer)
Christine Medekwe
Jonathan Okehs
Wendy Richards
(Deanery Synod Representative & Pastoral Assistant)
Betty Toppin

Mary Vavra*
Sonia Williams
Deanery Synod Representative & Young Church)

Invited to attend: Gilian Hemswoth
(Young Church)

* denotes membership of the Standing Committee

Registered Charity Number 1166287


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