Vicars of St. Andrew's

Incumbents of St. Andrew's in Kingbsury:

Father Jason Rendell (2014)

Father John T Smith (1991)

Father D. P. Mann (1975)

Father W .F. Bunyan (1969)

Father F. G. Springford (1954)

F​ather W. A. Simmonds
who came to Kingsbury in 1933 as vicar of Old St. Andrew's
and was inducted to new St. Andrew's when it opened in 1934.


Incumbents of St Andrew’s in Wells Street:

C. B. Marshall, 1919-32

Samuel Kirshbaum Knight, 1915-1919

H. A. Cumberlege, 1904-1914

W. T. Houldsworth, 1886-1904

Benjamin Webb, 1862-1885


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